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Transcript of Interview of Hama Attorney General Adnan Bakkour withe Cairo Daily

Syria: Cairo Daily Interview Former Public Prosecutor of Hama Cairo Rose al-Yusuf in Arabic 15 Sep 11 p 8[Interview with the former public prosecutor of the Syrian city of Hama, Adnan al-Bakur, Conducted over the Internet by Ahmad Qandil: "Al-Asad Resorted to the Assistance of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hizballah To Repress the Protests"]

In his first interview with any Egyptian or Arab media, Rose al-Yusuf had an exclusive interview with Adnan al-Bakur, the Public Prosecutor of the Syrian city of Hama which suffered the most horrible massacre committed by the killing machine of the Syrian regime. This prompted Al-Bakur to resign and reveal the bestial massacres still being committed by Al-Asad's regime. The former attorney general resigned several weeks ago and announced his intention to expose these massacres and to join the revolutionaries.

But Al-Asad regime tried to hound and to kill him. It posted rewards in the millions of dollars to get his head as it has done with the other Syrian activists who are still being brutalized and executed in a police State with no law, a State ruled by the tyranny of Bashar al-Asad. The regime circulated accounts and rumors that abductors are holding the General Attorney and forcing him to make statements. But Al-Bakur denied this. He said he had joined the revolutionaries and was in hiding to avoid being killed. We managed to reach him through a revolutionary source close to him who requested anonymity and who was among those who managed to smuggle Al-Bakur outside the country. Rose al-Yusuf contacted him through the Internet. The text of the interview follows.

[Qandil] To begin with, what prompted you to resign?

[Al-Bakur] The massacres committed in all Syrian provinces: The repression, torture in detention centers, executions, and ethnic liquidation. The human mind rejects such acts and I could not bear any more so decided to shoulder my responsibility toward the nation. I announced my resignation even though I knew the consequences of this resignation, namely execution by this criminal regime.
[Qandil] Are there documents and evidence that convict Al-Asad's regime?

[Al-Bakur] Any military or judicial order on arrest, execution, or release has to be placed on Bashar's table to sign it. All officials realize this. Bashar al-Asad is the absolute ruler of Syria. No one whosoever can issue any order without Bashar's personal signature. As to the rumors circulating that Bashar does not know what is going on, these are misleading and lying reports because all orders to break into cities, make arrests, and execute were the direct orders of Bashar al-Asad. I have many documents signed personally by Bashar which approve executions in the Hama Prison, an order to bury people in collective graves, and forcing me to say that terrorist groups were the ones that abducted and executed them.

[Qandil] How do you see Al-Asad's style of dealing with the Syrian people?

[Al-Bakur] Bashar al-Asad regards the Syrian people as slaves who have to deify their king continuously. Those who do not do so deserve death. He is prepared to displace the entire Syrian people to the neighboring countries and replace them with another obedient people whom he settles in Syria. The human mind cannot endure the horrendous massacres committed by Bashar and the killing, torture, and brutalization. What this occupying sectarian gang is doing to Syria is difficult to describe. Nothing is forbidden for them and there is nothing to deter them.

[Qandil] Are there external hands involved in the revolution?

[Al-Bakur] This is devoid of truth. Such charges are used by the lying media of the regime to prolong its life. This is the revolution of the poor, the down-trodden, the persecuted, and those suffering injustice. The whole world knows what is happening in Syria in terms of corruption, injustice, killing, violence, and disappearance of people even in normal times, before the revolution. This is nonsense without a basis of truth.

[Qandil] How do you describe the Syrian revolution? Does it differ from the Egyptian, Tunisian, and Libyan revolutions?

[Al-Bakur] Yes, it differs from sister revolutions because it confronts a godless regime that believes in no religion or denomination and does not recognize the existence of God. It has security bodies run by individ uals who are nothing more than talking beasts. These bodies are considered among the most brutal criminal bodies in the world. This is why the Syrian revolution differs.

[Qandil] Is the Syrian regime hounding you?

[Al-Bakur] Yes, they tracked me down to more than one location and set up several ambushes for us. We had major clashes with the elements of the regime but, thank God and the revolutionary heroes who protected me, I managed to leave Syria safely.

[Qandil] Were rewards posted for your arrest?

[Al-Bakur] The regime has posted a large amount of money for any one who kills me. It is undertaking a major intelligence campaign to track me down and liquidate me.

[Qandil] Why does the Syrian regime fear you?

[Al-Bakur] Because I was the general attorney, something which means that I know many of the secrets of the regime during the long years I held this position. I know all the crimes it committed, and I have thousands of documents to prove this. Consequently it fears being condemned in the eyes of Arab public opinion and the world.

[Qandil] Is there a likely date for the end of the regime? Is it near collapse?

[Al-Bakur] What is happening now is different from what happened in Hama in 1982. This is the revolution of a people who are recording heroic epics against the regime. The regime will fall. It might take some time but it is doomed to eventually end. I appeal to all my colleagues to break away from this regime and shoulder their national responsibility toward the people. I also call for civil and military disobedience until the regime is toppled and Bashar al-Asad is arrested and put on trial together with his despotic clique. I also call on all my sons the revolutionaries to continue demonstrations intensely and every day so that we can bring the regime down.

[Qandil] What are the methods followed to repress the revolution?

[Al-Bakur] Torturing demonstrators to death, mutilating the corpses of the martyrs, arbitrary arrests, abductions, terrorism, stirring sedition among various sects, and resort to misleading media reports. The regime is prepared to do anything to extinguish the demonstrations. It is fully prepared to bomb cities but fears the international community.

[Qandil] Is the Syrian regime getting assistance from Iranian contingents to abort the revolution?

[Al-Bakur] Yes, experts and elements from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hizballah to repress the protests and deal with them. I received some of their leaders in Hama to escort them to the places of torture and lead them to the revolting districts so that they can deal with them. I was forced to do this because the regime had placed me under strict surveillance and I was forced to sign documents with my name.

[Qandil] What is the position of the Muslim Brothers toward the revolution? [Al-Bakur] The Muslim Brothers are taking part in these demonstrations in a civilized and refined way. They have a presence on the Syrian street but without emphasizing the name of the Brothers. However, the Syrian people staged a full uprising against the criminal Bashar al-Asad. The Muslim Brothers are one of the constituents of the Syrian people. There is no mention of such names on the street because everyone has joined hands in order to bring down this tyrant.

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